Professional and Impressive Mattress Cleaning

I have always spent on good stuff when it is about buying the best mattresses in my house. This is the reason why I feel bad whenever someone spills anything on the mattress. Usually we just flip the mattress and carry on with it. But this time I thought of getting it cleaned properly and so called you guys. Your cleaners are surely professional but they are polite as well. Mattress cleaning was done beyond my expectations and the standard of customer service was impressive. And the best part that no stain could stay against your magical stain removers. Thanks a ton for a wonderful service. –

Jennfer Gross

Complete Bedding Cleaned

We got our four mattresses, eight pillows and four under blankets thoroughly cleaned by Squeaky Clean Mattress Melbourne last week. We found them to be extremely y professional, personal, and qualified. We also got some useful tips to keep our mattresses clean in future. Heartfelt thanks.

- Tamara Marvin

Mattress Stain Removal

My little daughter spilled her hot chocolate on our beds and that is when our mattresses got stained. We didn’t know that it could be removed but Squeaky Clean Mattress Melbourne proved us wrong. They not just removed the stain but sanitized it properly so there was no scope of any germs. Thanks a lot.

Tracey Middlewood

Mattress Anti-Allergen Cleaning

Hi, I am writing this testimonial to tell you that you guys did an amazing job cleaning all our mattresses. My wife and I saw the mattresses and could not believe they were the same mattresses. I have already suggested numerous people about your fabulous service and have asked them to call you for their mattress cleaning requirements.

Alex Le Fevre

Chemical Free Mattress Cleaning

Do you know you can get your mattresses cleaned using biodegradable solutions? Well, when I heard this from the first time from the team of Squeaky Clean Mattress Melbourne I was surprised. How can they clean the mattresses and make it bacteria free without using any chemicals. But when I called them for the service and saw them perform it in front of my eyes, I had to believe what I was told. It was such a great experience and such peace of mind to know that I was not creating chemical wastage for the environment while getting my mattresses cleaned.

Matt O Connor

My brand new mattress stained

My pet Bruno spilled a cup of coffee on our bed and made my brand new mattress stained. We thought stain would remain forever, and planning to buy a new mattress this Christmas. But Squeaky Clean Mattress made every possible to get my stain removed successfully. They not only removed the stain but also sanitized my mattress. I got back my new mattress stain-free and germ-free. If you are planning to clean your mattresses, then only choice to make is Squeaky Clean Mattress.


How Much Does it Cost to have a Mattress Cleaned?

You don’t have to concern about the cost of mattress cleaning. We have been providing the best mattress cleaning services to all our customers for many years at a really affordable cost. Plus we never ask for hidden charges.

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