Mattress Stain Removal

Tired of Rubbing The Ardent Stains on your Mattress? Get Experts to Work for You…..!!!

Stain on fabric is always worrisome, especially ones on the mattress bed cover. Mattress do not frequent washing and hence stains that was gained long back become so prominent. If you had frequented washing or at least checked for stains and blemishes on the mattress may be then it should have been easy to deal with it. You still can get rid of the stain by just calling a mattress cleaning service provider near you.

Squeaky Clean Mattress is a mattress cleaning company that has a dedicated team of experts dealing with all kinds of stains and odor removal for your mattress. With our exceptional Mattress Cleaning Services for mattress stain removal we have brought us a big name in the field.

Mattress Stain Removal
Mattress Stain Removal

What are The Reasons for Mattress Stain?

The mattress is prone to staining and discoloration due to many reasons. You might wonder why does it get stained when it is covered by layers of garments like a mattress cover, bed wrap, and comforter. You might not even have spilled anything over it accidentally yet there are some undeniable factors that make every mattress stain.

  • Body Fluids: The major reason for mattress staining is body fluids – sweat and body oil. Body oil is not identifiable but in due course, it causes a creasy blackening on top of the mattress. The darkening starts to appear evenly all over the surface of the mattress that it is hard to recognize the color change initially.
  • Kids and Pets: Having a newborn or a pet that frequents the bed is a threat to cleanliness and stains. They might urinate or poop on the bed and when left for a period of time stains strongly than anything. it is also a strong health threat to the kid.
  • Dust Mites: The are microscopically tiny creatures that feed on the remains of the human. Mattress accumulates a lot of dead skin cell shedding during the prolonged stay in the mattress. This makes it a breeding ground for dust mites adding to the humid nature of the mattress. They add to color shading caused by body fluids darkening the surface even more.
  • Moulds: Fungus that grow on top of the mattress that is also microbial in nature. They cause a patch of dark spots scattered all over called mold spores. These spores are not easily removable by detergent or foam. They need special reagents to be treated and removed.
  • And then there are accidental damage factors that need to be taken into account like food and beverage spilling, cosmetics and negligent dropping of dry clothes on the mattress. All this contribute to a complex layer of stain alone, not to mention the inner microbial development and odor they cause.

Why Should You Hire an Expert Cleaner?

A bed left untouched for a minimum of one year will likely be affected by all of the stains above mentioned. Getting rid of everything in a single go is not possible. Every stain needs to treated separately by a different solvent and tools. There are alternate home remedies that can be deployed by your own to get rid of these stains, but the real task lies in identifying different stains and treating them accordingly. Even if treated so, there is a bigger problem of cleaning the inside and odor removal. Instead of handling all the complexions on your own, call our experts who can save you a lot of time and hassle and give back a clean and fresh-looking mattress as you bought it.

How Do We Get Rid of The Stain for You?

Mattress stain removal is a complex process of identifying and fighting every different stain on the face of the mattress also taking care of the cleanliness with respect to the material of mattress.

  • The mattress is first inspected thoroughly removing all of the covering garments. The mattress is identified of materials used and every possible stain is studied of its nature. This happens on the day of inspection or during the work day as per convenience.
  • The mattress is deeply vacuumed with an advanced vacuum cleaner that can suck smallest of the pollens and dust mites. Most of dust mites stain is removed in this step and the whole of the mattress looks brighter.
  • Then a mix of cleaners and solvents are used on a cloth to rub over specific stains. Alcohol-based cleaners are used for mold Mattress Urine Stain Removal. The same process is followed with little water to wipe off the remains of the stains.
  • Then the whole bed is sprayed with sanitizer if it is a foam or cushion mattress. Air mattresses do not go through this step.
  • Then the steamer is used to evaporate all the liquid content and warm the mattress. The warming sterilizes the mattress and makes every stain disappear. The disinfectant is sprayed to prevent further microbial growth before laying it back in the cot.
Mattress Urine Stain Removal
Mattress Urine Stain Removal

Hire Professional Services

We at Squeaky Clean Mattress are the right people to deal with all your mattress stain removal needs. Our expert team is well trained to identify and clean all kinds of stains in variable fabrics and material so that you are saved of the hassle. The billing is dependent only on the size of the mattress and not on the number of stains like most other competitors charge.

Call us today and book for a free inspection for all your carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning needs.