How Do You Get Urine Out Of A Pillow Top Mattress?

The soft padding of the pillow top mattress is the key to ensure good sleep. But it is also a good absorbent surface for different types of stains and odors. If urine, sweat, blood and other liquids spill on the mattress soon it will absorb its smell and starts releasing the odor. At this point, it is very difficult to rest on the mattress. Taking fast action can appropriately remove the stains and odor from the mattress.

Urine Stains on The Pillow Top Mattress are very common when there are kids or pets in your home. It is really inevitable but you must be always ready to clear the stains and odor if urine stains happen on your mattress.

Before you start with any process, finding the spot is very important to apply treatment. Once the spot is identified you can easily move on with the remaining steps.  Removing the urine stains on the mattress is not a big deal if you act fast. This is also a part of Urine Mattress Stain Removal when urine stains occur on the mattress you must treat the issue sensitively as the urine stains and the odor set in fast deeper in the mattress. Both the human and animal urine is made of a crystal of the uric acid.

As the urine is bodily fluid and made up of enzymes you must use the enzyme-based cleaning solution to remove the urine stains, odor and bacteria from your mattress. It is wise to use biological laundry detergent solution to clean the urine stains and odor. Select the product that is specifically designed to remove the urine stains and odor from the pillow top mattress. Check the label first before choosing the product and follow the instructions carefully to achieve effective results. Always test the product on the corners of the mattress to check whether it is suitable for the fabric type.

Mattress Urine Stain Removal
Mattress Urine Stain Removal

How to Clean The Urine Stains from The Pillow Top Mattress

  • Use the dry towel or paper cloth to blot out the excess urine. Immediately strip the bed sheet and put it in the machine for washing. So not rub the urine as it will easily penetrate deeper into the mattress.
  • Vacuum the mattress with upholstery attachment to remove the previous dust or dirt
  • Dilute the upholstery shampoo, see the label for the process of using the shampoo and directly apply to the affected area.
  • Use a soft brush and gently rub the affected area to remove the stain. Move in a circular motion to achieve the best results.
  • After rubbing the stains, blot the excess liquid with vinegar to remove the shampoo residue.
  • Dry the mattress under good ventilation or use the fan to the Mattress Dry Cleaning.
  • Once the mattress is completely dry, bring back the mattress and sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the stained surface of the mattress and leave it for several hours at least 18 hours. It is also best to leave the mattress overnight.
  • Finally vacuum the mattress thoroughly to clean the baking soda and spread the mattress outside under good ventilation. This will completely eliminate the odor from the mattress.
Mattress Dry Cleaning
Mattress Dry Cleaning

Get Professionals Help

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