DIY Methods to Clean the Mattress in Simple Steps

Mattresses are supposed to be clean because that is the place where you sleep and stay comfortable when in the rest mode. But just like other surfaces and upholstery, mattresses also accumulate too much dirt and dust. Ideally, once a year you must call 0488 852 854 for reputed and best mattress cleaning services to clean all size mattresses. But, when that is not going to be the case, you should also be well-equipped with a few DIY methods. Here’s how you must go about it.

Best Mattress Cleaning Services
  1. Vacuum clean the mattress first

The first step to clean the mattress is to vacuum clean the same thoroughly. This will remove the apparent dust particles and the dirt. You should strip the bed and remove the beddings, the blanket covers, and even the mattresses and pillows. Now, try and vacuum every corner of the mattress so that it can be hundred percent dustproof.

  1. Find out the stains on the mattress & try to remove them with a home remedies

Now the second step will be to spot the stains that are there on the mattress. This will help in removing the mattress stains soon. So, once you know where the stains are, you can apply vinegar and water mix to the same. If the stains are old and hard then perhaps you may have to use hydrogen peroxide or liquid detergent. Once you have applied these ingredients to the stain, you must take a blot cloth or paper and then blot the stain. This will take away the maximum part of the stain. If you repeat the procedure once or twice, you will see that the stain will go off completely.

  1. Use baking soda on the mattress if you feel that it is stinking

If some bad smell is coming from your mattress then you need to sprinkle baking soda on the same. Now, keep this entire mattress out for sundry. After 6-8 hours, you can take the mattress inside and do the vacuum cleaning once. This will make your mattress smell good. It will be deodorized and completely disinfected.

  1. Flip the mattress on both sides and clean with the slightly damp cloth

You must clean both sides of the mattress with a slightly damp cloth. This will take away all the dust particles on the mattress. Also, every three months, you must flip the mattress once. This will ensure that you get maximum comfort while you sleep or sit over the same.


Ideally, for deep cleaning the mattress you must get in touch with the best mattress cleaning services in Adelaide. But when it comes to cleaning the mattress with a few DIY techniques then the above options are surely going to help. With all these basic things, you will have to be clear about things that are going to help. Cleaning the mattress will help you in making your home a comfortable and hygienic place. You should be specific about the same as it can give you the best feeling. Try and find reliable solutions so that you have no issues at all.

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