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Squeaky Clean Mattress Based in the heart of Melbourne’s inner north, Squeaky Clean Mattress is an expert cleaning services provider catering for all forms of couch and mattress cleaning.

Mattresses can accumulate a variety of bacteria over the course of their lifespan. Because we spend so much time sleeping, dead skin, mould and bacteria grow in the mattress fibres to spread odour throughout your room. Over time, this can inflame allergies and even cause breathing problems later on down the track.

Built on a customer-oriented model with a chemistry background, Squeaky Clean Mattress offers you a quality mattress cleaning service at an amicable price. As cleaners and chemists by trade, we know our stuff when it comes to eliminating even the toughest of mattress odours and stains. You know when you call in consultants from Squeaky Clean Mattress that we’ll provide a perfect result for yourself and your family.

In case of any queries and concerns about our services, feel free to contact us on 0488 852 854 or reach out to us online.

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