Mattress Cleaning Rowville

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Couch Cleaner Rowville 3178

Mattress Cleaning Rowville 3178

Mattress Cleaning Rowville 3178

Based in the heart of Rowville 3178 inner north, Squeaky Clean Couch is an expert cleaning services provider catering for all forms of couch and mattress cleaning.
Mattresses can accumulate a variety of bacteria over the course of their lifespan. Because we spend so much time sleeping, dead skin, mould and bacteria grow in the mattress fibres to spread odour throughout your room. Over time, this can inflame allergies and even cause breathing problems later on down the track.
Built on a customer-oriented model with a chemistry background, Squeaky Clean Couch offers you a quality mattress cleaning service at an amicable price. As cleaners and chemists by trade, we know our stuff when it comes to eliminating even the toughest of mattress odours and stains. You know when you call in consultants from Squeaky Clean Couch that we’ll provide a guaranteed perfect result for yourself and your family.


Clean Mattress, remove bad odor and remove dead rodent from your Mattress

Types of Mattress Cleaning Rowville 3178

No stain is too difficult to remove! Our professional team of certified cleaners scrub clean any material safely, including:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Leather
  • Bonded leather
  • Nylon

Mattress Cleaning Rowville 3178

Dust-Mites Free Mattress Rowville 3178


We understand that our business reputation is central to repeat customers. As they often provide feedback on our services, our staff inject gold class customer service into every interaction with our customers. Many of our customers can attest to our ability to go above and beyond every time in order to get the best outcome for them.

Matrress Cleaning Rowville 3178

Clean Mattress, remove Dust Mite Faeces and Fungal Spores from your Mattress


We look after our staff and ensure that both they and yourself are happy with the transaction. We equip them with the latest in biofriendly cleaning solutions, and the best training in chemistry in the industry. SqueakyCleanCouch understands that mattress cleaning is more than about a brush job: it’s about eliminating sweat, stains and odours using solution mixes that only chemists understand.

Cleaned Bed Mattress Rowville 3178

Cleaned Bed Mattress Rowville 3178


Are you interested in an affordability mattress cleaning service that will get the job done no matter what? Our friendly customer consultants await your call today on 1300 362 217.

Cleaning Mattress Rowville 3178

Cleaned Mattress Rowville 3178

Our Service

Dust Cleaned Mattress Rowville 3178

Dust Cleaned Mattress Rowville 3178

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Exhaustive Mattress Cleaning Solutions

We at Squeaky Clean Mattress Melbourne take complete care of your mattresses. We have an exhaustive range of mattress cleaning solutions for you. We understand that mattresses are bound to get dirty and it is stains and spills are common too. So instead of asking you to be cautious, we provide solutions that take care of everything. We work to convert your dirty, stained, and unhealthy mattresses into absolutely clean, healthy, and stain-free mattresses. We make your bedding cleaner and safer for you and your loved ones at the most affordable price in Melbourne.

Call us today to start sleeping on a safer bed!

Mattress Cleaning Services @ Squeaky Clean Mattress

At Squeaky Clean Mattress we provide complete care for your mattresses. We understand that different types of need different types of cleaning methods. So we first inspect the mattresses and according to its fabric and extent of cleaning required, we choose the most fitting cleaning solution to produce excellent results.

Our complete range of mattress cleaning services includes the following:

  1. Mattress dry cleaning
  2. Mattress steam cleaning
  3. Pillow top mattress cleaning
  4. Mattress stain removal
  5. Mattress anti-allergen cleaning
  6. Mattress sanitizing
  7. Mattress base cleaning
  8. Mattress dust-mite removal
  9. Mattress water damage restoration

We have the latest technology to deliver quality mattress cleaning to our clients. Moreover, our environment-friendly cleaning solutions are designed to clean your mattresses in the most effective way without causing any harm to the environment. All our solutions are non-toxic and are thus safe for kids and pets too.

Squeaky Clean Mattress has the experience, knowledge, and license to deliver world class mattress cleaning services anywhere in Melbourne. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has made us the No. 1 choice of hundreds of customers. Get benefitted from our rich experience and world class technology and get your mattresses cleaned in the most appropriate manner today!

Please click on this link to read testimonials from Squeaky Mattress Cleaning

Professional Mattress Stain Removal

5 5 1
They are the true professionals of mattress cleaning services in Melbourne. We have tried a few other service providers but no one else is so true to their profession as Squeaky Clean Mattress. We are addicted to their standard of service now! – Margaret

From Stained to Spotless

5 5 1
We saw a dramatic change in our mattresses – from absolutely stained and stinking to impressively spotless and fresh looking. Squeaky Cleaners Melbourne did a splendid job of steam mattress cleaning in an astonishing way. We would like to recommend their mattress cleaning services to all!

Fantastic Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne

5 5 1
Stunning mattress cleaning service! Once we hired Squeaky Cleaners Melbourne, we have had peace of mind. Our mattresses were not just cleaned but properly sanitized and deodorized and they smell great! Thanks for such a wonderful cleaning job.

Best Mattress Cleaning Company

5 5 1
Squeaky Clean Mattress is among the best mattress cleaning companies I have come across in Melbourne since my last 5 year’s stay here. They are affordable, friendly, professional, and quick. Go ahead and try them if you love professionalism that does not charge much!

Extremely Affordable and Friendly Mattress Cleaning Services

5 5 1
I am really impressed with the affordable mattress cleaning services delivered by Squeaky Clean Mattress Melbourne. Moreover, the whole team was so friendly that we didn’t feel that some cleaners were at home. It felt as if some friends have come over. Great customer services. Absolutely satisfactory!

Organic Mattress Cleaning

5 5 1
hey don’t use any chemicals for cleaning mattresses and I am so proud to be choosing their services. I don’t have an issue with their performance, quality, timing, or pricing. They are good! – Caleb

Mattress Cleaning @ Cheap Price

5 5 1
Our mattresses were restored at an unbeatable cheap price. No other cleaner in Melbourne could offer such affordable rates for mattress cleaning services. We were surprised with the quality of service at such an economical price. Loved their service and now looking forward to get my carpets cleaned by them!

Eminent Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

5 5 1
Squeaky Cleaners Melbourne offer fabulous mattress cleaning services in Melbourne. They offer same day service and our mattresses were turned into pristine conditions in a single day. Also it had been spoiled by my dog and we were tired of that stinky smell. But the certified cleaners even got rid of the odor. Thanks!

Superior Mattress Dry Cleaning in Melbourne

5 5 1
Try Squeaky Clean Mattress if you are looking for finest mattress dry cleaning services in Melbourne. I got it done yesterday and the results are commendable. The mattresses have been perfectly cleaned and they smell so nice. I am sure I am going to get a better sleep today onward.

Mattress Stain Removal

5 5 1
I got my kids’ mattresses cleaned by Squeaky Clean Mattress Melbourne last week. They had stains and foul odours embedded in them and we were so happy to see them completely restored.

Happy Happy!

5 5 1
I am very happy with mattress cleaning services offered by Squeaky Clean Mattress Melbourne. My mattresses have been cleaned from all fungi, moulds, bacteria, and other contaminants and now we can sleep peacefully. –

Keep up the good job.

5 5 1
My old mattress was restored because of Squeaky Clean Mattress. Their team of experts did a mind blowing job. I am happy for selecting their services. I must say they offered us a very competitive quote. I am looking forward to take up Squeaky Clean Mattress services again and again in near future. Keep up the good job.

Mattress Stain Removal: A Job Well Done

4 5 1
We have kids and pets at home that tend to spill everything on the mattresses. We tried numerous cleaning options at home but they didn’t work well. We found Squeaky Cleaners Melbourne through Google and thank God we found them. They got rid of all those tough stains and our mattresses look as fresh as new. Stain removal is just one of their fortes among other mattress cleaning services.
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