Mattress Cleaning Bayswater

Best Mattress Cleaning in Bayswater

Do you think that mattress is safe for your health? To some extent yes, but have you ever thought what is residing within the mattress fibers?

Dust and allergy causing elements may get easily under the surface of the mattress. How about getting them eliminated? Squeaky Clean Mattress is here at your service and provide best mattress cleaning services in Bayswater.

Mattress Cleaning Bayswater
Mattress Cleaning Bayswater

Allergens and Dust in Your Mattress Could Be More Dangerous than What You Think

Do not underestimate the harm that dust mites and allergens present in your mattress can cause. Here are a few mind-blowing facts and stats:

  • Dust mites are more prevalent than any other allergens inside the house
  • These make up 80-90% of allergen composition in a home
  • Dust mites feed on the dead skin cells of humans that we shed every second
  • Generally, used mattress has 100,000 to 10 million mites inside
  • If these allergens/dust mites are left un-treated, a mattress can increase its weight by 10 percent
  • These can cause adverse, medical conditions if left un-treated
  • These adverse medical conditions include respiratory infections, bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma etc.
  • Other unhygienic microscopic contaminants that may invade the mattress are blood sucking bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish lice etc.

How Our Mattress Cleaning Services Help?

The mattress cleaning services provided by Squeaky Clean Mattress provide a lot of advantages. Some of them being:

  • Eliminates mites and bugs

    Mattress cleaning helps keep your family safe from all health issues by eliminating mites and bed bugs.

  • Air quality

    No one wants to sleep on a mattress with offensive odors. Our mattress cleaning services help enhance your indoor air quality.

  • Stain reduction

    Spills happen in houses with pets and children. Our services help you get rid of such stains and make your mattress hygienic.

    Mattress  Stain Removal
    Mattress  Stain Removal
  • Bedroom hygiene

    Sleeping on a clean mattress gives you eternal peace of mind and good sleep and contributes towards physical health and emotional wellness.

  • Improves the look of your room

    A clean bed and mattress improves the décor of your house and leaves a good impression on those who are entering first time in your bedroom.

  • Avoids the build-up of dust mites

    Regular mattress cleaning removes dead skin, oil, and grime from your mattress that is a food source for bed dugs and mites and promotes their multiplication.

  • Dust mite excrement

    Dust mite excrete almost double their body weight and contain a toxin that triggers respiratory disorders. Thus, our mattress cleaning services help you get rid of their excreta.

Our Mattress Cleaning Services in Bayswater

Squeaky Clean Mattress provides a range of mattress cleaning services. Some of them being:

  • Foam Mattress Cleaning

    We take special care while cleaning your foam mattress. This is because foam takes time to dry. Therefore, we use dry cleaning method for cleaning a foam mattress.

    Foam Mattress Cleaning Bayswater
    Foam Mattress Cleaning Bayswater
  • Futon Mattress Cleaning

    For futon mattress cleaning, our professionals employ a steam cleaner. We clean the stubborn stains with a damp cloth and get it dried in sun or under the fan.

  • Mattress Urine Removal

    It is tough to get rid of urine stains from a mattress. It is because of these reasons that we use products and steam to blot and remove urine from the mattress fibers.

  • Mattress Odor Treatment

    Odor is the nastiest things that irritate our brains, yes it’s the smell of urine and other contaminants that spoil the mattress and disrupt the indoor air quality. Our sanitizing process kills these odors and prevents them from returning back.
    The types of fabric that we clean are:

    • Wool, linen, synthetic
    • Silk, suede, cotton
    • Viscose, Plush, organic fiber
    • Chenille, Leather, acrylic
      Fabric Mattress Cleaning Bayswater
      Fabric Mattress Cleaning Bayswater

Claim Your Free Mattress Test Today

Squeaky Clean Mattress provides a free mattress test that makes you aware about the residing bugs and dust mites and their concentration within the mattress fibers. Their identification and monitoring helps us to modify our techniques of cleaning.

The test is free of cost, just call us and our professionals shall arrive at your home for the test.

So what are you waiting for, call and get your free test done today?

Our Multi-Stage Mattress Cleaning Procedure

A clean mattress maintains a healthy sleeping environment. Have a look at the procedure that we follow:

  • We inspect the mattress to have a detailed knowledge about its fabric and age so as to determine the perfect procedure for its cleaning.
  • The professionals spray a solvent-based detergent on the mattress and leave it as it is for some time so that the dirt swells up.
  • We use agitators and brushes to agitate the top of the mattress. This creates vibrations between the dirt particles for their easy removal.
  • We use high truck mounted vacuum cleaners to extract the dirt.
  • We add a neutralizer to balance the pH of the mattress.
  • We dry the mattress with large blowers. Lastly, we do a post inspection to see if there is no dust left out.
    Mattress Sanitisation Service
    Mattress Sanitisation Service

Our Specialization and Cleaning Promise

We have designed a specific protocol that gives perfect results. We use hot carbonation process of cleaning using organic solvents that keeps you away from the fear of mattress spoilage.

What is special in our services? Have a look:

  • The process used is dry, chemical free with no toxins
  • No moisture penetrates the mattress during work
  • 72 hour residual effect that kills allergens for longer period of time
  • Method used is color safe with no bleaching agents
  • We neutralize the lingering odor in your mattress to kill all the offensive smell from the house and the mattress
  • No requirement of removing the mattress from the beds for cleaning
  • Our services are suitable for hostels, hotels, and places that are having beds
  • Discounts on opting combined services

Our professionals work with the only goal of winning the trust of the customers and this can only be done by delivering superb services. The quality of cleaning services that we provide is best in the region. We are quick and reliable in our services and promise highly effective mattress cleaning services in Bayswater.

Talk with us to discuss more, and check what our customers have to say by checking the testimonials.

Location: Bayswater, WA, Australia

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